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    OK, great. Now I'm going to get into some of your daily habits. How many hours a day do you spend in the sun?

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    Thanks! Now we're going to talk about some daily eating and drinking habits. How many cups of coffee or energy drinks do you drink per day? (Tea counts as 1/2 cup.)

    How many glasses of alcohol do you drink per day?

    How many servings containing sugar/flour (bread, pastry, cookies, bars, jam, cake, dessert) do you eat per day?

    How many servings of fruit and vegetables do you eat per day?

    How often do you exercise?

    Do you smoke?

    How often do you feel stressed?

    Do you sunbathe during peak hours (10 am - 2 pm)?

    What level of sun protection (SPF) do you typically use?

    5/10 - MODERATE
    Fine lines and wrinkles

    5/10 - MODERATE
    Photo-aging, pigmentation and age spots

    5/10 - MODERATE

    5/10 - MODERATE
    Uneven skin tone

    5/10 - MODERATE
    Eye bags and dark circles

    5/10 - MODERATE

    One last question. How much do you currently weigh?

    How tall are you?

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    Do you know if you have hormonal imbalance?

    Do you know your hormone levels for

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